15 January, 2010

Cupless Bra is a Sexy Lingerie

Traditionally, underwear or undergarments are used for protecting the outer apparel and the wearer and providing support to certain body parts. But some types of lingerie not only serve these purposes. They are also made and worn due to their aesthetic appeal. That is why that the term sexy lingerie has come about.

To turn traditional underwear into sexy lingerie there are changes made, such as in material or overall design. Some of the most common types of inner wear or underwear have their sexy lingerie counterparts.

This change is said to have began in the 1920s, during Women's Liberation. It is noted that sexy lingerie became even more popular sometime in the 1960s and the 1970s. The designs are described as bolder and during the 1980s, underwear became outerwear. This is what the French refers to as dessous-dessus, which means "innerwear as outerwear." Such types of sexy lingerie usually have accents such as colorful straps, lace trims, or ruffles.

One of example sexy lingerie is cupless bras. Cupless bra is a bra that do not have cups or support cups. They are only made of the regular frame. Because of this, the nipples become more exposed or visible. A variation of the cupless bras is the Peephole bras, which have support cups and holes at the tip to expose the nipples. That makes women wearing cupless bra looks very sexy as they exposed their beauty of their breast.

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