21 January, 2010

Privacy Policy


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19 January, 2010

When to Wear Cupless Bra

With so many various types of bras including push up bras, strapless bras, wireless, padded and cupless bra makes women often have a hard time finding the right kind of bra to wear. If you are into fitness, yoga or just looking for comfort, cupless bra can be the choices. The cupless bra can be very comfortable.

When go shopping, get salespeople to help you finding the correct size of your bras. At a high-end lingerie they are trained in measuring women's chests and are educated about which type of bra you should wear for your figure.

15 January, 2010

Cupless Bra is a Sexy Lingerie

Traditionally, underwear or undergarments are used for protecting the outer apparel and the wearer and providing support to certain body parts. But some types of lingerie not only serve these purposes. They are also made and worn due to their aesthetic appeal. That is why that the term sexy lingerie has come about.

To turn traditional underwear into sexy lingerie there are changes made, such as in material or overall design. Some of the most common types of inner wear or underwear have their sexy lingerie counterparts.

06 January, 2010

The Bra - A Historical Look at This Everyday Item of Women's Lingerie


Bra fashion history began as far back as Cretan times, but 1907, was the year when the word brassiere was first reported in an American copy of Vogue magazine. The original French meaning was support. In England bust improvers were available in the Edwardian period. By 1905 BBs as they were known were usual wear.