31 March, 2010

What Define Cupless Bra?

A cupless bra is a brassiere design composed of a frame with no support cups, or a bra which exposes the nipples with notched or contoured support cups. Cupless bra usually worn as erotic lingerie. It is also can cause the shape of the nipples to be prominently visible on an outer garment.

A shelf bra is the most common variant, which is essentially a rigid band (underwired) along the inframammary line, that pushes up without actually covering any, or only a thin strip of the breast.

There are also brassieres with partial cups that don't cover the nipples. It is called an open cup bra.

For women who are comfortable to wear cupless bra, they can actually feel sexiness rather than wearing full cup bra…..

21 January, 2010

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